Outstanding October lia sophia Specials

I haven’t made a practice of doing posts for specials each month, but when I saw everything that lia sophia was rolling out this month I knew it had to happen. It’s just… wow. So, without further ado – the outrageous, outstanding lia sophia specials of October 2011:

Reverse Save Plan

Yes. No lies. This special is a huge favorite that only comes around a couple of times a year. What is it? Buy 1, get 2 more expensive items at 1/2 price. None of that equal or lesser value stuff. It really is the more expensive items at 1/2 price AND you can stack it as many times as you want.

Example: Go Exotic with Turquoise

Capri Studs: $22
Bombay Ring: $62 $31
Talisman Necklace: $120 $60
Total: $204 $113

For more examples check out the October Gems.

But wait, it gets better!

Special October Pricing

I’ve been involved with lia sophia since 2007 and have never seen this before. They have chosen 27 pieces from the catalog and marked them down up to 45% just for the month of October. Ten of them are $82-112 off AND their Hostess Bonus price adjusts accordingly.

Example: The Urban Bling Necklace

This necklace is hip. It’s flexible. It’s hematite & cut crystal, can be worn a number of ways and is normally $180, which makes it a $30 Hostess Bonus item. In October this necklace is $98 making it a $15 Hostess Bonus item.

Check out the full list of specially priced items here.

It still gets better!

Combine the Reverse Save Plan & Special Prices for More Savings

If you’re feeling the same pitter patter in your heart I was when I saw this stop and take a deep breath before reading further. Got it? Good. I’ll just skip to the example.

Example: Bling & Beyond

Hula Hoop earrings: $38
Urban Bling bracelet: $96 $48
Urban Bling necklace:$180 $98 $49
Total:$314 $135

Now, if you think the same way I think then you’re probably thinking this is a great month for you, your friends and family to get some Christmas shopping done which means it’s also a great month to have a party and get all that free hostess jewelry as well…

Hostesses: $150 for $19 with a $650 Show

This is, of course, on top of the 20-40% in free jewelry*, 2 1/2 off items, 4 Hostess Bonus items and free item up to $100 from me for getting me a 30+ person guest list.

Example: Halle’s Hot Show

Halle is a mom of 2 who works part time at her kids school. Money is tight and she’d love to get some great deals on gifts for her sisters as well as spruce up her own jewelry wardrobe. She invites 35 of her fellow moms, church friends, neighbors, family, etc. At her show she gets 8 orders plus she had a few friends who weren’t able to come, but when she asked if they wanted to order anything they said yes. At the show two of them decide they want to be hostesses too when they see all Halle is getting.

When the show is closed she has 11 orders, 2 bookings & $823 in orders. This is what she gets:

2 1/2 off items (add to the total):
Silver Flower charm: $18 $9
Silver Peace charm: $18 $9

40% free ($336) + $150 for $19:
Hematite Roundel earrings: $26 $0
Silver Sugar Dusted studs: $32 $0
Silver Standing Ovation earrings: $68 $0
18-21′ Silver Charm necklace: $36 $0
Silver Crystal charm: $18 $0
Decoy ring: $40 $0
Christina necklace: $98 $58 $0
Double Dip necklace: $32 $0
Silver Flex bracelet: $72 $0
Circlet necklace: $42 $0
Gold Twix earrings: $24 $0
Amulet necklace: $38 $0

4 Hostess Bonus items:
Fame necklace:$180 $30$15
Gale bracelet: $220 $45 $20
Gale earrings: $88 $15
Cubist ring: $110 $20

1 up to $100 free:
Fragments necklace: $92 $0

Total: $1252 $107 for 19 pieces

Look up any of Halle’s pieces here.

*What’s the difference? With a $250+ show you automatically get 20% of your show total in free jewelry. If you have 10 orders + 2 dated bookings before the show closes then it becomes 40% of your show total in free jewelry.

In Review

So to sum all of that up: Reverse Save Plan and specially priced jewelry for everyone and $150 for $19 with a $650 show for hostesses.

Questions? Leave me a comment or contact me directly :)

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  • Kathy

    I want the Talisman necklace overnighted to me please! Can you do this?!i need it by tomorrow afternoon…Thursday Nov. 6th!!!!

    • Alaina

      I’m sorry, Kathy, but that piece is no longer current (this post is from 2011). Even if I had seen this in time and did have it, which I do not, I would not be able to sell it, only use it as an incentive of some sort.

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